Custom Orthotics


Do I Need Custom Orthotics?

     Your shoes are the biggest factor in foot comfort.  Let us help you find the shoe that could fit your needs.  Depending on your condition and foot type, you may need more than a good shoe or another over-the-counter solution.  Once all of those options have been explored, custom orthotics may then be the right choice for you.  Call us to schedule an evaluation and take the first step toward foot comfort.

What Makes Cobbler's Corner Different?

     Cobbler's Corner is a full service footwear facility.  We believe in providing a complete foot comfort solution; custom orthotics should be paired with an adequately supportive shoe.  We strive to keep our clients comfortable on their feet by using quality, complete, therapeutic footwear solutions.  The orthotics we produce are made of a dense, durable, orthopedic foam.  This unique material provides support that can be customized and adjusted.  These shock absorbent materials contribute to your comfort, as we avoid using hard plastics or fiberglass.  

     Our staff controls the entire process, from casting, to creating, to adjusting the orthotics - right here, on site.  That means you get a quality product that revolves around your needs.  Turn around time is minimal since there is no need to ship the materials to an outside facility.  And most adjustments can be made during an appointment since our professional grade equipment is right here in house!